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The disposal of sewage sludge or sludge that is formed during production processes in industry is a cost-intensive undertaking.

ThermoDec is a revolutionary technology for the treatment of municipal and industrial sludge - regardless of the consistency and composition. With the latest thermal separation technology, i.e. thin-film technology, many challenges can be overcome in one stroke. With a ThermoDec system,

  • you will recover materials and energy from the sludge
  • sustainably improve your CO2 footprint
  • minimise our disposal costs and effort

With Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik (KVT) and Kremsmueller, two companies with many decades of experience in environment engineering as well as in plant and apparatus construction have come together and this collaboration has resulted in ThermoDec. KVT controls the technology of the overall process, specialist knowledge related to the combustion process as well as all the detail engineering. Kremsmueller is responsible for the evaporation process, the entire apparatus and plant construction, electrical and control technology as well as for assembly and service

Time-consuming interfaces are eliminated. You will get a complete package that gives you the security of a sustainable solution. Depending on the application, a ThermoDec plant will break even from the third year.

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