Plant Development & Research

We are an international operating engineering company offering a full range service from the first concept to a turnkey industry plant. Our work is done in close cooperation with our customers, always under the aspect of delivering innovative and tailor-made Solutions. Our portfolio comprises technical solutions for waste processing technologies, plant development, production technologies and unit operations. Beside our established KVT processes we develop tailor-made solutions for our customers according to their specific problems and requirements.

Plant development process
We are engineers, always exploring and thinking ahead to find new and innovative solutions. KVT invests constantly in R&D activities, to develop and test new and innovative processes, improve already existing technologies and offer more benefits to our customers in terms of efficiency, reliability and competitiveness. R&D and plant development is the core department where new ideas are developed in order to fulfil our customer’s requirements and meet new market demands.

The focus of our technological developments is concentrated mainly in the fields of:

  • Waste water treatment
  • Waste gas cleaning
  • Waste to energy 
  • Production of various chemicals based on Glycerine
  • Reuse of by-products and waste streams from industrial processes

Our R&D activities include the following tasks:

  • Evolution of new and innovative technologies
  • Development of customized special solutions
  • Pilot plant development
  • Constant improvement of KVT processes 
  • Development and optimization of Unit Operations

The results of our R&D activities are innovative technologies, protected by international patents. In our headquarters, the R&D team uses an advanced laboratory, for studying and testing new ideas and innovative technologies. In addition, KVT also runs a technology center in Merseburg, Germany, for special testing and the installation of pilot plants, to develop and demonstrate the benefits and functionality of our processes. Plenty of our development activities are realized in close cooperation with local universities and industrial partners.


We offer our customers the opportunity to develop customized and tailor-made processes in order to solve their individual problems and satisfy their needs. From custom proposals, we start projects together with our clients in accordance with their requirements and ideas. During the last 25 years, KVT has successfully managed to launch several different technologies from the laboratory to an industrial scale plant.


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