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Unit Operations Turnkey process units for critical operations
Illustration TARDIGRAD Catalyst


The catalyst requirements are one the most important factor of the process design. We have integrated the catalyst development in our activities to offer to our client a complete solution. The Tardigrad catalyst is a special catalyst that we developed for our own technologies, but it can be applied in several processes with excellent results. The shape, the special coating, the support material ensures for every application the most reliable and efficient catalytic oxidation.

Illustration DRY-FIL- Hot Gas Filter

DRY-FIL- Hot Gas Filter

With our large experience in technologies for the industrial pollution control we are specialized in several filtering system for many industrial applications. The DRY-FIL brand is the last generation of hot gas filtration that allows the gas filtration normally loaded with dust/solids, with lower power consumption, without dilution air, cyclones, spark arrestment or other complicated systems. The gas after the filtration is ready for the subsequent processes that require clean hot gas.

Illustration WESP - Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

WESP - Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

We deliver WESP-Electrostatic filters for our clients with optimized and tested design. We use special materials adjusted to our customer's specifications. The WESP are able to treat dust and aerosol in wet condition. Mainly developed for the metallurgical industry, today they are used for several applications in order to fulfil the emission regulation and also to protect the process equipment from contaminants. 


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