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Dry-Fil-Hot Gas Filter

DRY-FIL Hot Gas Filter

We develop sustainable and efficient technologies for industrial pollution control: we are specialized in several filtering systems for many industrial applications. The DRY-FIL brand is a advanced filtration system for high temperature process gases.

Hot gas filters

KVT started to design and supply its own high temperature ceramic hot gas filters for gas desulfurisation technology, to protect the processing equipment from dust without cooling down the process stream and with evident energy savings. Now KVT is able to offer an optimized filter solution as a modular unit, adaptable to large application fields such as:

  • Incineration process of various materials
  • Manufacturing of high performance ceramic fibres
  • Sulphuric acid recovery
  • Plasma melting of catalysts for precious metal recovery
  • Production of nano materials
  • Gasification of waste wood and other materials
  • Pyrolysis of waste plastics and other materials

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