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We develop catalysts optimized for several applications. The innovative KVT catalyst TARDIGRAD is a special platinum catalyst with a monolith honeycomb shape.

Catalytic oxidation

The chemical activity and stability of the catalyst, the different shapes and composition of the support material, as well as the physical operational data for example, pressure drop, are tested to ensure permanently efficient and reliable catalytic oxidation processes.

Our innovative catalyst TARDIGRAD is a special platinum catalyst with a monolith honeycomb shape. It´s used mainly for  oxidation in the first bed converter in the wet gas desulfurization process, but can be used for many other industrial applications, where even at low temperatures the oxidation of hydrogenated hydrocarbons or sulphur compounds such as H2S, COS, SO2 is required. High efficiency and flexible design are achieved through reduced plant investment costs. Thanks to its special formulation and shape TARDIGRAD catalysts provide:

  • Wide working  temperature range
  • The temperature range of 250° - 800° C ensures more design flexibility and energy efficiency. 
  • Wide range of raw gas components
  • Different raw gas compounds including hydrocarbons are oxidized  
  • TARDIGRAD is halogens and sulfur resistant.


In comparison with the conventional pellets catalyst a substantial reduction of cross sectional area of the converter is achieved, which has a major impact on the converter design and investment costs. 

The TARDIGRAD application for gas desulfurization (wet technology) does not require an additional incinerator, which has the advantage of having a more compact  reactor vessel design, which in turn is responsible for a reduction of plant costs  as well as energy savings.

In comparison with the conventional pellets catalyst, the special shape ensures very low specific pressure drop, reducing the operating cost. 

The special formulation ensures thermal stability.

Eliminated maintenance costs for screening and cleaning

The special shape ensures low dust sensitivity. The dust is not able to reduce efficiency, therefore avoiding maintenance costs for catalyst cleaning. Losses for screening are completely avoided. In comparison to the pellets catalyst the honeycomb shape remains stable throughout it’s life-time.

Our customer are:

  • Gas and Oil Industry
  • Biodiesel Producers 
  • Metallurgical Companies
  • Chemical Components Companies

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