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WESP - Wet Electrostatic Precipitator®


With vast experience in environmentally friendly processing technology we are specialized in several filtration technologies for pollution control in different types of stream cleaning. The Wet Electrostatic Precipitator is able to filter dust and aerosol in wet conditions.

In the metallurgical industry the use of WESPs to remove aerosol dust has been a common procedure for many years. With more stringent emission control regulations and the necessity to protect equipment and catalysts from lasting damage, due to dust and/or acid aerosols, the wet electrostatic precipitator is used in a large variety of industrial applications:

Our application fields are:

  • in the coal, oil, petcoke, chemical waste industry in order to comply with  emission regulation limits, as post combustion technology
  • in sulfuric acid plants, metallurgical sulfuric acid plants or regeneration of spent sulfuric acid, as process step

The main KVT WESP features:

  • Due to the electrical conductivity of the collector tubes a continuous liquid film as is found in conventional WESPs is not required 
  • The control system provides self regulation of the discharges ensuring much higher availability, lifetime and low maintenance costs.
  • Separated fluids can be recycled into the process
  • It is not necessary to use cooling water
  • The casing is made of corrosion resistant synthetic material

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