Technology Overview

Sustainable Production Our portfolio of Production Technologies

Produktion Technologies

With the increasing demand for raw materials around the world, quality and availability are crucial factors for production factories. In order to avoid supply shortages, reduce cost and  ensure constant high quality, a growing number of companies have begun to manufacture their raw materials in house. We offer production technologies and consulting services for new product development to produce mainly raw material or chemical intermediate for other industrial processes. The hallmark  of KVT philosophy is the valorization of by-products, which are actually the main input material of our production technologies.

Sustainable Environment Our portfolio of Waste Treatment Technologies

Waste Processing

Waste today is a big challenge for the world, with population and industrialization increasing every day.  We develop efficient and ecological technologies for waste processing, the main feature being  that each technology allows recovery of resources: waste salt water provides recovery of pure brine for the industry, waste gas treatment provides recovery of sulfuric acid, plastic waste and sludge treatment provide recovery of fuels. Our waste processing technologies are business opportunities and at the same time solutions for waste problems. 

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