Production Technologies

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KVT Production Technologies

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION: Our value chain based on vegetable oil.

Glycerine Distillation

BIOCERINE is a technology able to refine raw Glycerine from biodiesel plant or other sources. The produced Glycerine reaches the pharmaceutical and kosher/halal quality.

Glycerine Derivatives

The "GLYPROJECT" is a consulting and engineering service to support customers interested in developing Glycerine derivate products and its related production technology.

Epichlorhydrin Production

EPIPROVIT is an efficient technology to produce Epichlorohydrin from Glycerine. The raw brine resulting from the processes is treated with the SEABRINE technology.

EPOXY RESIN is a technology to produce various  customised  epoxy resins, with the advantage to offer product stability and process efficiency in the production.

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