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EPIPROVIT- Epichlorohydrin production from Glycerine (Glycerol) - EPIPROVIT is an innovative and efficient technology to produce Epichlorohydrin from Glycerine - a by-product of the biodiesel production – widely available and a sustainable raw material.

Epichlorohydrin production

Epichlorohydrin is an organic chemical raw material and intermediate chemical product with extensive applications. It is used mainly to produce epoxy resins, a major components of paints, coatings, electric insulation products, glass fiber reinforced plastics in aircraft construction, the auto production industry and shipbuilding, as well as in  the manufacturing of print circuits and wind turbines. Epichlorohydrin is also used to produce pharmaceuticals, papers and much more.

The conventional way of producing Epichlorohydrin is a multi-step process based on propylene, which is obtained petrochemically. The high propylene prices fluctuate, while the large, available quantities of raw Glycerine, obtained as a by-product of biodiesel production, have increased the interest in processes where the glycerol is used as a raw material. In recent years the production of  Epichlorohydrin has  followed the "green" trend in the  chemical industry: environmentally friendly raw materials and sustainable  engineering.

KVT typically supplies the engineering, key equipment and commissioning for the Epichlorohydrin production plant as well as the related process technologies to refine the raw materials; Glycerine, the Brine Treatment Plant and the Combustion Unit for the treatment of off gas and other by-products if requested, as a unique, complete, circular process.

  • Our customers are:
  • Epoxy Resins Producers
  • Epichlorohydrin Producers by Propylene
  • Chlorine/HCl Producers
  • Biodiesel/Glycerine Producers
Process Overview

The process of Epichlorohydrin production

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