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The "Glyproject" is a consulting and engineering service to support customers who are interested in developing Glycerine derivate products and its related production technology.

Glycerine is well known as a versatile raw material with a vast range of industrial applications, large glycerine availability resulting from the increased production of biodiesel, has suggested the researchers to explore new glycerol based-applications.
Several organisations have financed projects to find innovative uses of the Glycerine. Clearly, it is not enough that the applications are new; they must be high value applications with an efficient production process and with large scale employment.

Besides the proved Glycerine refining technology, we can offer our experienced knowhow to develop new products based on Glycerine. The successful cooperation with our partner company Glaconchemie, with which we have developed the process technology to produce sustainable green solvents from Glycerine, Glycerol-formal and Isopropylidene-Glycerol is the result of the right synergy between intuition, knowhow and experience. These Glycerine derivatives prove themselves to be useful as excellent high-boiling solvents which are practically mixable with all established solvents, including water, alcohols, ketones, acetals, esters, ethers, aromatics, benzene hydrocarbons, chlorohydrocarbons, turpentine oil, essential oils as well as other oils.

We can support your business from the development of the new glycerine-based product with our R&D laboratory, to a pilot plant and to the implementation of an industrial scale plant.

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