Waste Processing

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KVT Waste Processing

SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT: Technologies to protect our environment and recover resources.

Brine Treatment

SEABRINE is the process able to purify salted water resulting as by-product from industrial processes, contaminated mainly with hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons. The treated pure brine can be recycled into other processes.

Sulfuric Acid Recovery

SULFOX Technology is an innovative wet process technology able to produce sulfuric acid from off-gas containing sulfur bearing-compounds. The final product is concentrated sulfuric acid that can be used as raw material in other processes.

VOC Treatment

THERMOX, CATOX and AUTOTHERM are incineration technologies able to treat industrial waste gas containing VOC in order to fulfil the emission limits regulations. The technologies are adjustable for different gas compositions and flow rates.

Plastic Waste Treatment

FUELPLAST is a recycling technology able to convert waste plastic back into fuel with commercial quality. This innovative solution offers the opportunity to valorize one of our biggest waste problems with high efficiency and profitability.

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