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Plastic is one of the most important materials of our time, and its use is constantly on the rise. At the same time, the total volume of plastic waste is increasing and represents a substantial problem for the environment. Particularly in the EU, the regulations in the coming years will support activities that eliminate plastic waste discharge: recycling and conversion of plastics are an answer to this issue.

Plastics conversion

With the "FUELPLAST" technology, we offer an innovative solution to valorize waste plastic and reuse it as an important resource (plastics conversion). The aim of our technology is to plan, build and operate facilities, to convert waste plastics into fuel with commercial quality. The combination of revolutionary technology, high availability of raw materials and a strong demand for the end products, offers the ideal prerequisites for this project. The ecological solution is integrated with efficiency and profitability.

Through its high efficiency and environmental compatibility this new technology shows unique advantages when compared to other existing processes.

  • 80% conversion rate into liquid fuels
  • Continuous operation for a more efficient performance
  • Fully automatic operation for a save and cost effective performance
  • Heat recovery system to export heat and/or electricity

The FUELPLAST technology is based on a de-polymerization concept. The technology allows the conversion of several types of plastics like PE, PP, PS and is applicable for a wide range of capacities including small, local quantities. The PTF Plant is economically convenient for capacities starting at  15.000 t/y, while conventional recycling processes (for PP/PE for example) require a feedstock with high purity as well as only being  commercially convenient for plants with larger  capacities. 

Potential customers for plastics conversion are:

  • Plastic waste recycling companies
  • Waste sorting companies
  • Local municipalities
  • Private investors
Process Overview

KVT plastics conversion

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