OXYSULF Technology is an innovative wet process to produce sulfuric acid from off-gas containing sulfur bearing-compounds. Sustainability with guaranteed low emissions goes together with the economical opportunity.

Wet process

KVT offers a wet process technology for the production of sulfuric acid from various types of off-gases, spent acid or sulfur bruning. Our desulphurization technologies offer the possibility to clean industrial off-gases under the aspect of sulfuric acid recovery.

Developed by Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH. (KVT), the first plant was in operation for a viscose production company in 1992. During the last 20 years, OXYSULF has found applications in large fields of business. KVT offers different OXYSULF solutions for a wide range of gas concentrations and compositions. KVT can deliver a turn-key plant or provide engineering, key equipment and catalysts that are unique for performance, stability and durability.

The process is based on the catalytic or the combination of thermal and catalytic oxidation of sulfur–bearing compounds and formation of sulfuric acid. It is able to handle contaminants such as SO2, H2S, COS or CS2 at a wide concentration range.

 OXYSULF technologies are applicable in the following markets:

Refineries & Petro-chemical Industry (SRU)

  • After the Gas Sweetening Unit based on amine wash system 
  • After Sulfur Burner in sulfuric acid production plants
  • Spent acid regeneration after the alkylation phase that uses sulfuric acid

Coal based Fertilizer and Chemical Industry (Syngas SRU)

Cokes Manufacturing

  • Coke oven gas Treatment

Non-Ferro Metallurgical Industry (Mo, Pb…)

  • Off-gas treatment coming from metal roasters

Power Industry

  • Off -gas coming from sulfur recovering unit for burning pet coke
  • In the sulfur recovery Unit in IGCC Plant

Viscose Industry

  • Off -gas coming from the spin bath unit and from spinning machine as well as from the CS2 production plant that can be linked to the viscose production plant.

Natural Gas Processing 

  • Treatment of acid gas coming from the sour gas sweetening unit
  • Treatment of acid gas coming from the Tail gas treatment of the Claus Process
  • Tail gas treatment of the Claus Process

Depending on the input composition following process types are applicable:

  • OXY NK Lean H2S, CS2 and lean SO2 (furnace flue gas or viscose off-gas)
  • OXY HK Strong, large H2S concentration with high heat release (Refinery Industry)
  • OXY MET “Dirty” SO2 with upstream raw gas cleaning and sulfuric acid recovery (Metalurgical Industry)
  • OXY SAR Spent acids & sulfates regeneration (various petrochemical industries)
  • OXY SCU Sulfur combustion unit for production of Sulfuric Acid or liquid SO2 regeneration (various industries)

Advantages of the OXYSULF Technology:

  • Optimized porcess step for acid concentration.
  • Innovative catalyst design with long maintenance-free lifetime lead to significant reduction of operating costs
  • Optimum conversion processes thanks to a patented catalyst technology.
  • Excellent cleaning performance by two-step conversion of SO2.
  • No further gas cleaning steps needed.
  • High purity sulfuric acid can be commercialized or used for your own purpose.
  • Usage of efficient heat recovery System.
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to efficient process management.


Process Overview

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