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Industrial waste water is a big challenge for the chemical industry: Stringent laws that regulate industrial water pollution and increased requirements for cost effectiveness as well as rational use of resources, have pushed the industry to adjust processing plants to meet the new requirements. For the brine treatment of brine we offer an innovative solution: The "SEABRINE" technology.

The brine treatment process has been developed by our engineering team to purify contaminated salt water, a by-product of industrial processes, and to recover pure brine, which can then be re-used for other functions.

Generally, the contaminated brine is a mix of water, salt, hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons in varying percentages. The "SEABRINE" process is based on a high-pressure oxidation concept with a specially designed reactor and heat exchanger system for maximum energy recovery.

  • Our customers are:
  • Epichlorhydrin producer 
  • Epoxy-Resin producer 
  • Propylenoxide producer
  • Electrolysis plants, operating with membrane technology and using purified brine coming from other industrial processes, such as raw material feed.
  • other similar industries producing contaminated brine that need to be purified.
Process Overview

Brine treatment process

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