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During the last 25 years KVT has accumulated vast experience in the field of waste gas treatment. With our incinerator units we treat gas streams for chemical, textile, bricks or coating industry and for each of them we design a proper solution.

THERMOX,  CATOX  and  AUTOTHERM  are  the  main  categories,  depending  on  gas  stream,  flow  rate  and composition. 

Each time we have different compositions, flow rates, VOC components, emission limits and purity levels to reach. In order to meet the different customer requirements we have developed and optimized our waste gas treatment technologies, which can now run automatically by means of a PLC, with a control panel that allows automatic adjustment by the plant to changing raw gas conditions.

AUTOTHERM  Thermal oxidation of waste gas with regenerative heat recovery.

In case of big quantities of waste gas with low concentration of VOC the AUTOTHERM waste gas treat­ment is the ideal system to reach the pure gas standards, required by the local laws. The organic com­pounds of the raw gas are burned at tem­peratures of 800 to 850 °C where the reduction rate of the concen­tration exceeds 99,9 %.

CATOX Catalytic oxidation for flexible waste gas streams.

The process works based on catalytically oxidation and is used for a more flexible range of VOC content and gas quantity at low temperatures. CATOX plants are typically used for raw gas streams with medium heating value in the chemical, oil and gas or textile industry.

THERMOX used for the treatment of waste gas with high concentrations of VOC.

The main task of the THERMOX technology is the removal of combustible components such as halogenated VOC´s or nitric oxides and the treatment of polluted condensates. Customers benefit of more than 99,9% reduction of pollutants and high flexibility referring to volume and concentration

BIOGAS cleaning used to remove all impurities from bio-gas streams. 

Biogas cleaning is an important step to eliminate the functiona­lity problems connected to the biogas impurities and to assure a long dura­bility, effectiveness and efficiency of the plant. The best solution is producing high quality biogas and feeding it into the local natural gas pipeline.

We offer a full scale package, from consulting, to turn-key plants, as well as maintenance support, solutions for performance improvement, or revamping projects for existing plants.

Process Overview

voc treatment process

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