We’ll do it together.
Our network is a result of excellent relations with customers, suppliers and research institutes. In addition, we work closely with competent experts who support us in a range of capacities.


Chemcom as chemical producer and KVT Technology as process technology company founded alteqo with focus on development and production of Nature based life science products and intermediates. Our products are produced on industrial scale and are ready for various applications in technical, pharmaceutical and life science products.

GLACONCHEMIE GmbH is the 100% daughter company of KVT producing high quality pharmaceutical and technical glycerine as well as the development of its derivates products. The company is located in Merseburg, Germany.


Rieckermann Group.

As a competent, international Industrial Solution Provider the Rieckermann Group is recognized for its convincing references in selected markets and industries, providing added value with its broad service portfolio and an international team of experts. KVT and Rieckermann have teamed up for selected projects for the supply of licenses, process technologies and related engineering services in Asia and the Middle East.