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as engineers we have the responsibility to develop advanced technologies in harmony with the efficient use of our natures resources under consideration of the protection of its air, water and soil.


We develop together with our customers industrial plants from the first idea to a turnkey solution. We offer consulting services to answer the highest quality requirements and to deliver unique process solutions, tailored to individual demands. Starting with the evaluation of customer needs, we deliver feasibility studies, evaluate the economic and ecologic relevance, and analyse different site and plant options for our customers. In our advanced R&D Center we run laboratory test to prove and show to clients the results of the process technology applied to each individual scope. For new concepts and technologies, we offer a cooperation to develop and run pilot plants.

  • Feasibility Studies & Site Evaluation
  • Economic & Ecologic Studies
  • R&D & Pilot Plant
  • Plant Development & Machine Concept


All our engineering activities begin with the customer’s needs and requirements and proceed with the process concept definition. This definition includes a detailed concept study, evaluation of various technologies, selection of potential suppliers and is than followed by basic and detail engineering. The basic and detail engineering are the core activities of our company. The process,  developed from the clients requirements, will ensure throughput rate, process yield and product purity. We delivers all the engineering activities as process flow diagram, P&ID, mass and heat balance, equipment list, valves list and specification, datasheets, plant layout, pipe line schedule, operating philosophy and reliability and maintenance philosophy.

  • Process Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical & Instrument Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering


We offer our customers full range of service for the project execution.
Project Management
Effective Project Management is one of the most critical success factors for every project. Within the project management we secure close cooperation and communication with our clients. As our client, you will keep control of the project and be kept up to date with its progress. All required measures will be coordinated with you, suggestions and considerations will be discussed, milestones and decisions will be documented in a clear scheduled Quality-Plan.
  • Site Management & Logistic Coordination
  • Cost Control & Commercial Management
  • Time Control & Progress Supervision
  • Documentation & Communication



The procurement service offers the opportunity to take advantage of our suppliers network. We take care of timely and cost-effective procurement of materials and ensure that our customers receive their goods at the agreed time, in the right quantity, quality and in good condition. Through collaboration with logistics service we can ensure a wide range of transportation options for the transport of goods. In addition our project management team coordinates controls and supervises all construction activities on site.
  • Supplier Evaluation & Auditing
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Construction Coordination & Site Management
  • Contractors Evaluation & Supervision
  • Quality Control & Assurance


Commissioning & Start-Up
The commissioning activities ensure that the implementation of the plant systems has been achieved and they are tested, operated and maintained according to the operational requirements. Commissioning also helps to ensure these requirements are sustainable through verification of training, systems manuals and warranties. With the plant commissioning, procedures engineers check every single operational function of the plant and then verify its integration in the whole plant. In addition, our team supports and trains the customer’s engineers in the start-up phase.
  • Performance Test
  • Commissioning
  • Plant Start-Up
  • Operation Training


With the after-sale program we offer support to the client after the delivery, ensuring robust plant operations. The after-sales program offers service packages that are tailored for each type of plant and customer. Operators of processing plants are aware of the need to adapt: If other raw materials are used, the energy efficiency is improved, test points are adjusted, installation parts are replaced, devices are readjusted, maintenance procedures are optimized. KVT provides support that ensures a permanent and smooth operation of your plant Use our service to increase the life-cycle of your plant.

  • Maintenance & Service
  • Inspection & Optimization
  • Revamp & Renewal Projects
  • Reconstruction & Plant Extension


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