Since our foundation we have dealt almost exclusively with the topics of environmental protection, the closure of material cycles and chemistry based on renewable raw materials such as vegetable oils, sugar or wood. Innovation is considered a central factor and is being promoted in several areas. The R&D projects in the newly founded technology center in St. Radegund near Graz represent an important backbone of the KVT-Group.
Our R&D Center is a specialized facility that focuses on exploring and developing new chemical compounds, materials, and processes. Our team of chemists, scientists, engineers, and technicians work together to design, test, and optimize products and technologies that are used in a wide range of industries, such as chemical, oil and gas, coating, agriculture, energy, electronics, pharmaceutical and consumer goods.

The main objectives of our R&D Center are to:


  • discover and synthesize new chemical compounds: chemists in the R&D center work to create new molecules that have desirable properties, such as improved efficacy, reduced toxicity, or lower cost. They use a variety of synthesis and purification techniques in laboratory scale.¬†Our research is focused to create new chemicals based on sustainable raw material with the benefit to use alternative sources with a better impact to the environment and economic efficiency.
  • develop new processes for manufacturing chemicals: engineers in the R&D center upscale and optimize chemical processes that can produce chemicals, with high efficiency and low waste in large scale. They may use batch or continuous synthesis reaction technologies as well as separation techniques such as distillation, extraction, filtration.
  • conduct analytical testing and characterization: our scientists in the R&D center use a variety of analytical techniques, such as chromatography, spectroscopy, and wet chemical methods, to analyze and characterize the physical and chemical properties of new compounds and materials.
  • we run tests in our pilot plants for our clients to verify and ensure the feasibility for each single requirement.
  • collaborate with industry partners and academic institutions: KVT often collaborates with other production companies, start-ups, technology partners and academic institutions to share knowledge, expertise, resources, and to accelerate the pace of innovation in the chemical field.


The central obligation of the KVT Group is to use our technologies to improve the negative effects of the industry and its products on people and the environment, to avoid emissions and waste and to close material cycles. Our portfolio includes technical solutions and services in the following focus areas:


  • production of chemicals based on renewable feedstocks like vegetable oil, sugar and wood
  • reuse of by-products and waste streams from industrial processes
  • closure of material cycles
  • treatment of waste-water and waste gases coming from industrial processes
  • waste to energy


Within or R&D activities our focus is:

  • Bio-Epoxides
  • Bio-Plastics
  • Green-Solvents
  • Plastic recycling
  • Hydrogenation
  • Environmental technologies