We are a global process engineering company offering a full range of services from the initial concept to turnkey industry plant commissioning. We work in close cooperation with our customers, consistently delivering innovative and customised solutions. Our portfolio comprises technical solutions for waste processing technologies, production technologies, and unit operations. In addition to our established KVT processes, we develop tailor-made solutions for our customers according to their specific challenges and unique requirements.


For the implementation of your idea or the solution for your problem we can act as the licensor and engineering partner, EPC or EPCM contractor. KVT is accompanying you from the first idea of the project to the successful completion. Our process engineering services focus on maximizing economic efficiency, environmental protection and rational use of resources. One of our main commitments is to improve the environmental impact of our plants and reduce emissions and waste. The results of our R&D activities are innovative technologies, protected by international patents. In our Technology Center, the R&D team uses an advanced laboratory, for studying and testing new ideas and innovative technologies.


Our technological developments are mainly concentrated in the fields of:

  • production of various chemicals based on renewable feedstocks
  • reuse of by-products and waste streams from industrial processes
  • production of synthetic fuels from renewable feedstock and waste streams
  • complex waste water treatment
  • waste gas cleaning

Short Facts

30+ years of experience
100% family owned
160 group employees
100+ realized projects
20+ operated countries
17 developed technologies

We are a full-service provider, providing all aspect of technology development and project execution. We have the in-house capability and experience to be involved in the engineering of industrial solution from concept or pre-FEED studies (Front-End Engineering Design) through detailed or FEED engineering as basis for execution. Our dedicated team well trained and experienced is multidisciplined, covering all activities in process mechanical, structural, electrical, automation & control, construction, project management and related disciplines. All are supported by software design tools that make the engineering more efficient and cost effective.

Our customers benefit from our know-how, experience and expertise in the development, design and implementation of process plants. In the execution of our projects, we can employ our extensive experience as plant engineers and plant operators, which allows us to understand the challenges and problems of our clients.

We believe in a sustainable future for chemicals based on renewable feedstocks, synthetic fuels closed loops, and clean emissions.


In the development of our technologies, we always strive to implement the concepts of green chemistry and circular economy into our design principles, by utilizing renewable feedstocks, implementing closed loop concepts and internal recycling of waste streams. It is our aim to respect our planet’s limited recourses and protect the environment by avoiding soil, air, and water pollution.


We believe in a sustainable future where our company can contribute by

  • developing technologies for the production of high-quality chemical products from plant-based renewable feedstocks.
  • developing and implementing technologies for environmental protection for the closure of material cycles, the recovery of resources form waste streams, and for saving raw materials and energy.

Our Milestones


Walter Kanzler founded the company in Graz. He started with the development of off-gas cleaning system based on thermal or catalytic oxidation. The first plant was built in 1992 for a chemical company in Austria.


Development of a new technology for the treatment of wet sour gas with the recovery of sulfuric acid. The first SULFOX plant (today called OXYSULF) was built in Italy for a client operating in the fields of the textile industry.


First Wet Sulfuric Acid outside Europe for Oil and Gas Industry.


Development of the first glycerin refining plant. The subsidiary company Glaconchemie in Germany was founded. Ever since we have expanded the topics of interest to glycerine derivates.


Development of a new innovative process to produce Epichlorohydrin via Glycerine in a closed cycle with the possibility to treat and recycle the brine to a Chlor Alkali electrolysis plant with the SEABRINE process. The first EPIPROVIT project including Epichlorohydrin and brine treatment units was completed in 2014 in Germany for an epoxy resins producer.


Establishment of a JV company with MECS for the execution of west sulfuric acid projects based on the SULFOX process. The JV was ended in 2018.


First application of KVT’s Wet Sulfuric Acid process to a lead smelter plant in Bulgaria.


Development of Thermodec the technology for the treatment of industrial sludges with the possibility to produce energy.


Signature of a license contract for the first EPIPROVIT plant in China for a Chlor-Alkali company located in Shandong province.


Opening of the new KVT headquarter in Graz including new engineering offices and a research department equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory and a test facilities for small scale pilot pants.


Development of green solvents based on glycerine like Glycerol Formal and Solketal. Alteqo a JV production factory was built in the Netherlands.


Signature of a license contract for the world’s largest Epichlorhydrine production plant including Glycerine refining and brine treatment in China


Signature of a license contract for the first EPIPROVIT plant in India for a Chlor-Alkali company located in Gujarat province.


Start-up of a new OXYSULF sulfuric acid recovery plant for a viscose fiber producer in Austria setting new BAT standards for SO2 emissions.


Signature of a license contract for the first completely closed loop EPIPROVIT+ project from crude Glycerine to Epoxy Resins in Europe.


KVT celebrates 30 years of activities. A new Technology Center nearby Graz is ready for commissioning including new R&D offices, state of art laboratories and new pilot plants facilities. On a total area of 2000 m² the required infrastructure for new technology development was installed.

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Our Focus

Our technological developments are mainly concentrated in the fields of:

  • Production of various chemicals
    based on renewable feedstocks
  • Reuse of by-products and waste
    streams from industrial processes
  • production of synthetic fuels from renewable feedstock and waste streams
  • Waste water treatment
  • Waste gas cleaning


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As an international acting company, we are constantly looking for dedicated employees in process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, sales and administration.

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