Treatment of waste gas with high concentrations of VOC.

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Treatment of waste gas with high concentrations of VOCs.
The main task of the THERMOX technology is the removal of combustible components such as halogenated VOCs or nitric oxides and the treatment of polluted condensates. Customers benefit from more than 99,9 % reduction of pollutants and high flexibility regarding volume and concentration. The THERMOX-process enables that the VOCs are burned in the burning chamber at temperatures of 800 – 850 °C. At low concentration of VOCs the raw gas is preheated in the internal heat exchanger by hot tail gas. At high concentration, the calorific value of the pollutants is high enough to reach the required process temperature. In this case the plant is equipped with a heat recovery unit for the external use of the surplus energy.

Key Advantages

  • Industrial process by-products can be used as alternative additional fuel.
  • Gas with high heating value containing organic compounds can be treated.

Our customers include:

  • Chemical manufacturing industries
  • Coating manufacturing industries
  • Textile industry


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