For glycerine production KVT offers consulting and engineering services to support customers who are interested in developing glycerine derivate products and related production technology. Glycerine is a well-known versatile raw material with a vast range of industrial applications. Large glycerine availability resulting from the increased production of biodiesel, has motivated researchers to explore new glycerol-based applications.

In the competition to find innovative applications for glycerine, it is not enough to put forward ideas. High quality applications with efficient production processes, which allow the possibility of large-scale implementation, are needed.

In addition to providing proven glycerine refining technology, we also offer our extensive experience in developing new glycerine products. In a successful cooperation with our subsidiary Glaconchemie we have developed a process technology to produce sustainable green solvents from glycerine: glycerol-formal and isopropylidene-glycerol. These glycerine derivatives have proven themselves to be useful as excellent high-boiling-point solvents, which are mixable with practically all established solvents, including water, alcohols, ketones, acetals, esters, ethers, aromatics, benzene hydrocarbons, chlorohydrocarbons, turpentine oil, essential oils as well as other oils.  This remarkable line of new products is the result of the right synergy between intuition, knowhow, and experience.

We support your business from the development of a new glycerine-based product in our R&D laboratory, to a pilot plant operation, and to the implementation of an industrial scale plant.

Key Advantages:

  • Complete consulting package
  • From lab testing to industrial scale plant implementation
  • “One stop shop” company
  • Tailor-made processes to meet individual needs
  • Full production cycle coverage – including waste management and recovery of resources

Our customers include:

  • Chemical industry
  • Coating industry
  • Plastics alternative Industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • PVC industry




Technologies for environmental protection, for the closure of material cycles, for the recovery of resources from waste streams

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