RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

The RTO is our solution to treat big quantities of waste gas with low concentration of VOC including a regenerative heat recovery system.

Process Description

The plant consists mainly of the oxidation chamber and the regenerator, which are equipped with honeycomb type, ceramic heat exchanger elements. At start-up the oxidation chamber is heated by the supplementary burner to reaction temperature (800 – 850 °C) and the regenerators are brought to working temperature.

After the oxidation chamber, the raw gas passes through the regenerator in cold phase (heat exchanger elements are cooled down). The heat stored in the heat exchanger elements is used to heat up the raw gas to reaction temperature. The thermal energy of the pure gas leaving the oxidation chamber is used to heat up the regenerator, which is in the warm -up phase.

In the oxidation chamber the volatile organic compounds and eventually carbon monoxide are converted to CO2 and H2O. Only if the concentration of organic material in the raw gas lies below the autothermal value, the excess energy required to keep the process running, is supplied by the supplementary burner.

The regenerators are switched periodically from the warm-up phase to the cool -down phase and vice versa. To avoid concentration peaks in the pure gas during the switchover of the regenerators, the regenerator, which was in the cold phase is purged with pure air, before it is switched over to the warm -up phase in the next period.


  • High energy efficiency thanks to the Heat recovery system
  • Guaranteed Conversion rate
  • Low Plant operating and maintenance cost
  • Fully automated plant

Our customers

  • Chemical Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Bricks Industry
  • Refinery plants